Friday, October 28, 2011

仰望 - 杨丞琳

如果能重来 我的答案
会不会更改 或是等待
守在你身旁 绝对不逃开
不让谁 将我们冲散

不怕风看穿 我的孤单
不怕雨纠缠 眼泪擦干
让回忆倒带 我将爱保管
别让我 一个人承担

这个失去你的遗憾 我会勇敢

仰望风 等待你回来
仰望雨 能安静听完
脸庞发烫 眼眶抵抗
不肯让你离开 丢下我流浪

仰望你 抱我在胸膛
仰望梦 能给我力量
不让爱逃亡 不让心你躲藏

无法预知 我努力
我必需 遗忘的疼痛
假装执着 我知道
我抬起头 会有你的守候

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

24 hours trip in Adelaide

Last weekend, I went to Adelaide for a short sweet escape.

Visited my best girl friend, collected my old memories, had some good time catching up with friends, released my stress, gained my laughs back.

I have to admit, I can't live without good friendships. It's not the quantity of friendships that matter in my life, but the quality of precious friendships which I have earned throughout my journey of life.

I'm fortunate enough to meet people who know you well deep in the heart than anyone else. No mind games between us, just pure simple body languages that speak our words out, naturally.

One of the best moments I enjoy the most in entire life is catching up with best friends. A few cups of tea together under a wonderful sunny day is amazingly ideal for our endless conversation. Believe me, those moments are beautifully priceless.

Indeed, it was a short and quick trip over the weekend. However, I felt more rejuvenated and recharged, getting ready for more stresses in my work ahead.

Cherish the friendships you have with your best ones, even though they are just handful.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Once you stepped into your career, your working life:
You don't blog, You don't read, You don't smile, and You don't feel like doing anything over the weekends

I know, it's kinda waste of precious time for letting your weekends go just like that, before heading to the same loop on Monday again. I understand the philosophy, just that I need some sort of motivation to keep me proceeding to consistent self-improvements.

Working life has never been busy as I'm working long hours per day to basically catch up and racing with project datelines. Indeed, it's an enormous pressure to keep our engineering designs out to the factory floor in order to keep the dedicated workers busy. It's a fortunate for me become part of the team/family in the small company, where we grow together. Laughters are always present in the office since there is a happy pie keeping us smiling and pumped.

Enough for work, good news is, my grandma came to visit me and my uncle family in Melbourne for a few weeks. It always feels good to see her again, with her sunny smiles and innocent talks. However, she's losing her memory slowly as she tends to forget things easily;  her medication routine, her recent actions, but not my name, yet. I guess this is the moment of truth about life cycle, isn't it? Our elders are getting older as the younger ones start to age. Overall, she's still fit and healthy, jumping and walking around like cute little girl.

Nothing is more important than our family, family is always our root, where we're born, raised and belong. Appreciate them and spend time with them regardless how busy you are, because every second counts, and it is irreversible.

And for those who have concerns about my personal life, I have finally met a girl; sweet, nice and understanding. Nothing special on how we both got hooked up, perhaps just the right timing and feeling that brought both of us together. A true relationship shouldn't be complicated like mind-reading games, but just a simple mutual agreement on how a couple decides to walk together, with holding hands, no matter how good or bad the road condition is. A new permanent passenger on my train ride of life :)

That's all I got to update at the moment. It seems like most of my regular blogger friends are being lazy bum too, haha.