Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Joy of Cooking

Cooking is always stress-free for me.

Ever since I started to live in overseas on my own as  humble student, eating-out was not a economically-feasible option for every single meal. Therefore, I started cooking, utilizing all my observations throughout the many years as assistant in my grandmother's kitchen. 

She is my beloved, my inspiration, my guru and my grandma, who raised me with delicious and nutritious house dishes which has made who I am today. 

Unlike other overseas students who have fears in messing with the cooking utensils and raw ingredients, I love to enjoy and explore the endless flavors that could be done in countless ways through cooking. 

I also love to shop for fresh food in market while generating ideas about what and how to cook with those smiley and healthy food. 

Yeah, I sounded like an auntie, didn't I? Try it out yourself, let it be a non-stress session, let your creativity side of brain develop more, and most importantly, ENJOY!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011






Friday, August 12, 2011

A day to realise my dreams

Booked an overnight ticket to Singapore, touched down in the next early morning, with interview session a few hours later, interviewed and jumped on the return flight on the same day. Undoubtedly, it was definitely one of the craziest things I have done in my life.

If you are lost on what I was talking about, I was attending a cadet pilot interview held by the Singapore Airlines. I know I know, this is the job a million men would kill for, but apparently there are not many spots available, which means tough competition. Having been given this interview opportunity is a blessing for me, but shame to say, I under-performed myself in the interview, which could possibly bury my another chance with disappointment.

Anyway, I tried my best, as I was able to keep my head in the game even I had a long-haul flight prior. Regardless of the outcome, I had a wonderful experience and this would definitely trigger my determination to pursue this career more seriously. Most importantly, I made the choice without regrets by not letting this opportunity slipping away.

One thing for sure, I had fully understood the ancient Chinese saying, "养兵千日,用军一时。" It is crucial that we are always prepared and trained for any opportunity  that might come in future.

Well, I guess I still have a long way to go await another opportunity then. Life still goes on, I still have my good job in Melbourne, and it is obviously not the end of the world yet. Treated this opportunity as a bonus or blessing towards my life. With or without it, I am still a fortunate person who is still breathing and smiling through my life as usual.

May everyone is blessed with life-changing opportunities, which would bring more colors to your life. 

Cheers mate.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Chapter

There I go again, finally being able to settle down peacefully to continue posting on my blog. Honestly, it has been a hell of a year to me; from the home vacation in the early year, to the graduation ceremony in April, to the long-butt-cracking job hunting for three months upon the ceremony, to the sprinting superman rushing up and down the Australian soil for job interviews, and here I am, finally pinned down a permanent engineering job in Melbourne in the early August.

I went home before my job commencement, to fully-utilize my one-week window of spare time to have some family moments and catch up with close friends, and I returned to Melbourne after that to initiate my working life. I had the best week of my life, enjoying my tight schedules of friends gatherings and family times. The good times were shared and I was energized with the loves and blessings from my hometown. 

I felt blessed as everything went well for me eventually; I have got a wonderful and challenging job that suits my interest, despite a little bit low pay,  I have also got a team of friendly and helpful colleagues, including my understanding and easy-going bosses, therefore it makes up my comfortable working environments. Undoubtedly, the working pressure is always existent as we have projects dateline to adhere, but the laughters in workplace would definitely kill the germs off.

Thanks to my dear Aunt Lee Leng whom I stay with in Melbourne, she has inspired me a lot in understanding the true meaning of our life should be. As our life is short, we must chase and realise the dreams we are after throughout the timeline. Live the life as colorful as possible, be optimistic that everything will be alright and most importantly, live without regrets. Appreciate the gifted opportunities or fight for one, try your very best to achieve them, regardless of how the outcomes would be. You do not wish to be upset with things that you have missed out before, do you?

Here I am, in the new chapter of life after all these years of adaptions and survival. It is time to be fearless and realise the dreams and ambitions which are long-waiting in my to-do list.

To my life, ultimate dream job, my family and friends.